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10 Tips for Recruiting the Best Talent

August 13, 2020
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Even as companies become more globalized and conduct business virtually, it’s increasingly challenging to find the best talent for your team. This is because the talent market is saturated: more and more people are becoming graduates of tertiary education and entering the workforce. Many people are now seeking careers that appeal to them, rather than following the once considered safe routes. What does all this mean for you?

When recruiting talent for your team, it’s important to remember that your company has a brand and reputation that candidates themselves observe and evaluate. At the same time, you also need to strategize ways to keep your current team on board. Voluntary turnover — in which employees willingly leave a company — makes up 70% of overall turnover, and 50% of this occurs within the first year of employment. 

How can you ensure that your company is attracting and speaking to the best candidates out there, while fulfilling your current star players? Follow these best recruiting tips:

1. Check Your Branding

Does your company present perks such as flexible schedules, relevant benefits, and an awesome company culture? If not, it’s time to re-brand: these are among some of the criteria that top candidates are looking for in a potential workplace. Just as you check your applicants’ references, your best candidates are checking yours. Ensure that they’re seeing good reviews and a strong company brand on job search boards and your website.

2. Use Offboarding to Maintain Connections

Not all departures from a company lead to bad blood. If one of your best employees is leaving on good terms, ask them to leave a positive review for the company on job search sites. You might even consider inviting them as a consultant or guest speaker for future company events.

3. Promote Internally

New blood isn’t always necessary to grow your business. Sometimes, there’s a talented person right under your nose who has outgrown their current position or might be better suited for a different role. Regularly review your team’s performance to identify great candidates from within. This tactic also boosts your staff’s morale and saves you additional recruiting time. 

4. Use Employee Referrals

Referrals work well for software as a service (SaaS) and subscription companies, so why not make it work for you? About 96% of companies with more than 10,000 employees say that referrals are their number-one source of hires. To incentivize this, offer your employees a generous bonus for successfully referring an employee. After all, consider it as an efficient save in resources by reducing the search process.

5. Be Transparent About Compensation

It’s never a good policy to hide what you’ll be paying someone, and today’s top candidates are very interested in proper compensation and benefits. Be loud and clear about what you’ll be offering people, even if it’s just a salary range. This is also a great opportunity to identify what sets you apart and why candidates should choose you.

6. Make It Easy to Apply

Your best candidates are busy people — and they don’t want to spend an hour filling out a cumbersome application form. About 60% of job applicants will abandon an online application process if it’s too long or unwieldy. Consider using LinkedIn’s or Indeed’s “Easy Apply” features to help qualified candidates get right into your inbox. 

7. Offer Flex and Remote Options

While many companies have gone remote due to the pandemic, it’s worth considering a permanent remote option to recruit talent from other countries and appeal to younger workers. Work–life balance is important to most job applicants today, and so flex time and remote work options are especially appealing to your best candidates.

8. Take Time to Craft the Perfect Job Posting

You might be losing your best candidates before they even apply. Are your job posts written in such a way that they excite and entice people, or are they dreary and boring? Are the requirements and expectations of the position clear? The job posting should resonate with your candidate’s personal values and ambitions. Spend time with your job post or hire an expert copywriter to assemble it. 

9. Host a Contest

Your best candidates are usually the most competitive, so a contest or program might just be the perfect way to find your perfect new hire. Try running a design contest, leadership summit or a networking event in which participants can engage in to get a job offer. They’ll get to know your brand better while you’ll get to see how they work under pressure. 

10. Keep It Personal

No one enjoys receiving spam and neither would your best candidates want to receive spammy emails or multiple job invites. Those can make your company seem untrustworthy or even predatory. Always send out personalized job invites and recruiting emails to help candidates feel appreciated and flattered. Invite them to check out your site or hop on a call. With a personal touch, you’re more likely to strike recruitment gold. 


The process of hiring the best talents works hand-in-hand with your company giving its very best to potential and current employees as well. Manage and empower your employees to work productively and stay satisfied even in the New Normal working arrangements; be it remotely or in the workplace through altHR, an HR Super App designed to solve all the modern workplace’s operational and HR needs. 

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