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Human Resource Digitalisation in Malaysia

August 13, 2020
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For many years, Human Resource departments have diligently kept records and streamlined services to help companies do business. As the modern age has progressed, HR professionals have realised the limitations of paper-based HR management. People do not think of HR management as paper-based anymore. Traditional workforce management has evolved, and employee experience and engagement are now at the forefront of what HR teams strive to deliver.

As workplace trends continuously evolve, we see the shift from a want to a need to deliver better employee experiences. Some of the topics largely discussed within the HR sphere today include the increased adoption of remote working (which has been more prevalent as a by-product of the Covid-19 pandemic), cultivating a safe and genuine workplace culture, emphasis on holistic employee wellbeing, establishing norms for work-life balance and many more.  

In order to enable HR teams to empower our employees the right way, the foundations have to be laid to set them up for success. This includes the need to digitalise and automate existing processes and flows within HR operations, typically through digital HR tools or softwares, such as Digi’s altHR.

Top Use-Cases for Digital HR in Malaysia

Leave management, record-keeping, and payroll remain top use-cases for task automation via digitised HR management. Companies that make the switch to digital HR from their current HR software are the ones that would like to solve the problems that HR personnel face to create more efficiency.

The current top use cases as mentioned are actually very basic features within HR operations, and while it significantly helps reduce time taken away for administrative task, digital HR is much more than just getting tasks out of the way. It is also about employee engagement. Digital tools like altHR can help with improving employee experience by providing simple leave applications, the ability to apply for travel arrangements in an instant, quick access to company handbook or personal payslip, and other conveniences.

Common Rejections of Digital HR Management

One of the common rejections of digital HR management is cost since many HR softwares come with a hefty subscription fee. However, what we don’t realise is that not having a systematic process or tool for HR can actually have a lot of hidden costs too. A subscription for a tool can seem like a high cost because it is recurring, but it can help save in terms of time and other costs.

Above all else, the most common rejections surrounded the idea of redundancy since HR personnel would feel that they would have to enter information twice or check multiple places for information.

Organisations of any size can benefit from digitisation if handled well. Situations like the above respondents experienced likely could have been avoided with a skillfully handled transition and training to the new software. When evaluating HR software for one’s organization, it’s crucial to find one that matches your existing workflow rather than shoehorning it in. Proper training and orientation are also crucial to the successful deployment of an HR technology solution.

The Future of Digital HR: Adoption or Adaption?

Ultimately, companies of will likely find it helpful to adopt a digitised HR solution soon or try it again if they abandoned one. Often, these solutions can only optimize the company’s operations if all HR professionals and other employees are well-equipped to fully utilize the program. Hybrid approaches that combine paper filing with the digitised technology, or that attempt to mix systems, are likely to cause frustration and inefficiency.

altHR is an HR super app created and used by Digi Telecommunications. We created it to be more than a HR app, focusing not just on digitising HR processes, but to encourage employee engagement especially in this New Normal. altHR has powerful features such as Leaves, Document Managers, Claims Expenses, Time Tracking and more. We are currently offering altHR for FREE*, click on the sign up button on the top right of this page to get started!

*altHR is currently free to use for the first 50 employees until 31 December 2020 and RM15/employee for subsequent employees added. Module-based package pricing to be applied from 1 Jan 2021 onwards and details on new packages to be announced in due time.