Reliable Payroll & Taxes

Secure, accurate and trusted way to pay your employees

All Financial features

Automate your organization's financial services, from Payroll to Claims in a secured and trusted ecosystem. With traceable and recorded transactions, you'll be assured there will be less human error than ever.

Timely Payments to Employees with Payroll

Pay your employees on time and handle their taxes, EPF and SOCSO accurately, every single time. Simple to use and error-free.

Multi-Currencies for Multi-regions

Enabling companies to allow multiple currencies for employee's expense claims, making non-local claims submissions more accurate.

Digitalize all Employee Claims with Expenses

Easy claims submission and even easier admin consolidation. Say goodbye to stacks of papers and complex spreadsheets.

An Online Store for the Quick Items

Buy discounted vouchers, prepaid reloads, pay utility bills and more within the altHR Store, as an added benefit for you and your employees.
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