Automate your People's Mundane Task

Digitalize how you can manage time for maximum efficiency.

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Forget about punch cards, thumb-printing on clunky time machines or messy paper rosters. altHR puts everything in your phone and desktop for an always-available experience.

Record your Productivity Hours with Time Tracking

A mobile timekeeping feature that allows employees to accurately record working hours through a contactless process, be it for remote working or to limit physical contact in the office.

Clock-in Work Time with Status Check-in

Configure your choice of options-based or question-based check-ins be it for monitoring employee time management, engaging employees on their mental health and well-being or even as a survey.

Simple way to Request for Work Travel

Employees can easily submit travel requests which kickstarts a streamlined travel booking process for HR on the admin dashboard.

Improve Team Work Schedules with Rostering

Manage scheduling for employees on shifts or varying working arrangements, including the ability to request their preferred work days, off days and rest days.

Empower Sales Team with Sales Kit

Store company sales materials, brochures, videos and promotions digitally. Let your employees easily share them as ambassadors for your company.

See Who's In or Out with Team Calendar

Birthdays, Work Anniversaries, Annual Leaves, Public Holidays - with altHR Team Calendar, teams can be given visibility to all the important dates in your organization to keep track of them.

Staff Resources through Quick Links

Ensure that your employees have the most important links and resources, such as insurance coverage information, list of panel clinics, safety FAQs and more, all within their fingertips.

See Availability and Occupancy with Spaces

Easily track and monitor the availability and occupancy of facilities or locations at any time, especially useful to help maintain social distancing effectively in the New Normal.
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