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HR Processes, Made Easy

The quick, simple and pain-free way to operate your HR.

New Hire Onboarding

Create a seamless virtual onboarding journey for new hires through text, visual and video content. A fresh new way to instantly get your newbies up to speed and ready to go!

And everything else that saves you productive hours to focus on growth

Employee Database

Manage your employee data seamlessly from hire to retire through our interactive digital database.

Leave Management

Provide your employees easy access to their leave balances and allow them to apply whenever they want, wherever they are.

Expense Claims

Easy claims submission and even easier admin consolidation. Say goodbye to stacks of papers and complex spreadsheets.

Travel Request

Employees can easily submit travel requests which kickstarts a streamlined travel booking process for HR on the admin dashboard.

Personal Assistant

Enable personal assistants to manage team requests of designated leaders. Yes, we remember you, PAs!

Locked down but not locked out

Your HR team anywhere, anytime.