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Get altHR through the
RM5,000 PENJANA SME Digitalisation Grant

Enjoy 50% discount (up to RM5,000) for altHR immediately

What's the PENJANA SME Digitalisation Grant?

altHR, Digi’s Super App for Companies, has announced the PENJANA SME Digitalisation Grant, in accordance with the objective of Pelan Jana Semula Ekonomi (PENJANA). This move is in line with Digi’s Business Continuity Digitalisation #BCD initiative and our commitment to help Malaysian MSMEs in their digitalisation journey.

Eligible Malaysian businesses can now fast track and get instant approval when they submit their grant application for altHR directly to Digi. SMEs can immediately enjoy a 50% discount (up to RM5,000) for all digital solutions within Digi-X, namely, altHR, iFleet and Omni Hotline.

How can I get the Grant?

Customers who wish to apply for the PENJANA SME Digitalisation Grant of up to RM5,000 will not need to go through the set application process anymore. With this, you can get instant approvals when applying directly with us. Digi can now qualify the customer (within the criteria below) and immediately enjoy 50% discount (up to RM5,000) for their altHR, Omni or iFleet packages.

This offer is only available on a limited basis to the first 500 companies.

Your company needs to fulfil ALL the criteria below to get the RM5,000 PENJANA SME Digitalisation Grant:

  • At least 60% owned by Malaysians
  • Registered in Malaysia
  • At least operational for one (1) year
  • Minimum annual sales turnover of RM100,000 (for 1-2 year operations)
  • Minimum annual sales turnover of RM50,000/year in the last 2 years (>2 year operations)

What is altHR?

altHR, the Super App for companies, is built to help Malaysian companies adapt to the new normal by digitalising HR processes. altHR empowers more companies and HR teams beyond paperwork through simplified digital processes.

Through the PENJANA SME Digitalisation Grant, altHR aims to alleviate common rejections of HR digitalisation solutions by SMEs, such as high costs, complicated interfaces and unskilled employees.

As a reward for digitalising your business, after your 12-month subscription is over, we'll offer free access to altHR for up to 50 employees until 31 December 2021.

Free access is only available for successful grant applicants.

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Trusted by Digi's award-winning HR team

Enjoy RM24 off per employee per year AND
50% discount when you sign up for a 12-month subscription
per employee for all features with the PENJANA SME Digitalisation Grant

*Only available for employees registered under the 12-month subscription, RM156/employee for subsequent employees added.

Available features on all plans
  • People
  • Leaves
  • Expenses
  • Highlights
  • Onboarding
  • Sales Kit
  • Time Tracking
  • Doc Manager
  • Checklist
  • Services

Powerful features of altHR

Enablers employers and employees to do more with less.

The New Normal

  • Agile-Ready: custom approval routings and team management configurations to cater for your Agile teams' needs.
  • Best Practices Ready, Off-the-shelf default policy templates, fully compliant with labour law requirements and best practices from Digi's vast HR experience.
  • One Click Approvals, No more paper approvals from the stack of forms in the office cabinet. Approve employee claims and leaves from anywhere, safely.

HR Processes, Made Easy

  • Centralised people management: manage your employee data seamlessly from hire to retire through our interactive digital database.
  • Leaves management: provide your employees easy access to their leave balances and allow them to apply whenever they want, wherever they are
  • Expense management: easy claims submission and even easier admin consolidation. Say goodbye to stacks of papers and complex spreadsheets.

Employee Happiness

  • Services, allow your employees to purchase vouchers, pay for their utility bills, mobile top-ups and other essential services from within altHR itself.
  • Highlights, keep employees updated on important news and announcements from the HR team or company management.
  • Checklist, ensure your employees complete specific tasks or provide specific information through dynamic checklists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some quick answers to common questions.

What is altHR?

altHR is an HR super app created and used by Digi Telecommunications. We created it to be more than a HR app, focusing not just on digitising HR processes, but to encourage employee engagement especially in this New Normal.

Why choose altHR?

altHR aims to solve all the problems of traditional HRIS systems, making it simple-to-use yet powerful enough to digitally undertake all HR operations. We also believe that as a HR app, we should go beyond HR administration to help companies build employee happiness through our robust ecosystem of integrated modules.

Read more about "Why altHR?" here!

How do I apply?

1) Register your interest with us through the form above

2) We will then contact you to proceed with the application

How does the PENJANA SME Digitalisation Grant work?

If your company meets all the criteria, you can enjoy 50% off or up to RM5,000 off altHR depending on your annual subscription amount. Take for example if you have 50 employees in your company, it'll be RM13 (per employee) x 50 (number of employees) x 12 months = RM7,800.

Hence you will get to enjoy 50% off the total amount which will be RM3,900 after the discount. Only if the amount is over RM10,000 will you enjoy the maximum of RM5,000 discount.

What about the free access to altHR?

After your annual subscription for altHR is over, you will then get to enjoy altHR for free for up to 50 employees. It will then be RM156/employee for subsequent employees added.

What happens if I hire more employees?

When you sign up for altHR through the PENJANA SME Digitalisation Grant, you will be signing up and paying for the current amount of employees at that time. Once your account is active and if you do hire more employees, it will be charged at the normal rate of RM156/employee for a year.

What is the set up process?

After your successful application, you will receive an email requesting for some basic company and employee information. Upon submission of the information, you will receive an account activation email within 2 - 3 days to begin your journey with altHR.

Where is my data housed? How secure is altHR?

Our database is hosted on a top ranked cloud infrastructure trusted by banks and Fortune 500 companies.