Malaysia’s Best HR System: altHR vs Payroll Panda

July 15, 2021
Idris A.

Still deciding on which digital HR system to use?

HR digitalisation is crucial to businesses as it helps employees spend less time on administrative tasks. Instead, HR teams can focus on high value work such as engaging employees, which leads to higher productivity and profitability.

Modern HR tools can simplify HR processes through:

  • Electronic leave management
  • Instant business travel arrangements
  • Convenient expenses claims
  • Providing quick access to important work documents

And more!

Today, we compare 2 popular HR management systems in Malaysia, altHR and PayrollPanda, to help you identify the right solution for your business.

Let’s begin with an introduction: 

altHR is an all-in-one HR software that provides features from core HR operations to employee engagement on top of features to help your business navigate the New Normal way of work. It is available on both mobile and web apps.

Payroll Panda is primarily a payroll system with a leave management feature.

Here’s why altHR is a better Human Resource Management software for your business.

3 reasons why altHR is better for your organisation 

1) Better Compatibility & Scalability 

altHR is an all-rounded HR software that provides the flexibility for companies of all sizes to fully digitalise their HR. From SMEs that are new to HR digitalisation to large enterprises streamlining specific HR processes, altHR can cater to various needs at all stages.

For example: If you are a startup with less than 10 employees, altHR’s basic modules are sufficient to process your daily HR tasks. As your business grows bigger and has more complex HR needs, you can easily scale and access altHR’s advanced features such as altHR Rostering and altHR Sales Kit without upgrading the existing plan.

Meanwhile, Payroll Panda offers limited features aimed at streamlining only certain processes.

For companies starting their HR digitalisation journey, Payroll Panda may not be suitable as its limited features hinders the full potential of an HR transformation. As companies scale further, they could be stuck with an HR software that could not cater to their latest needs.    

2) Extensive Features for Complete Digitalisation

altHR offers both altHR Leaves and altHR Payroll, plus our flagship altHR Expenses which allows convenient digital expense claims and approvals. altHR Expenses eliminates the need to store and process paper receipts and helps HR teams reduce tedious paperwork. 

Meanwhile, Payroll Panda only offers payroll processing, payslips and statutory forms generation plus a leaves management feature. The payroll and leave features are integrated with one another.

Here are some of altHR’s comprehensive features vs Payroll Panda:

More altHR features available here.

3) Cheaper with More Value

Aside from offering more features, altHR offers better value overall. Here is a price comparison of both softwares based on their features for 50 employees:

We believe altHR’s features are essential for your HR function to go digital, plus it is also 10% cheaper.

The Final Outcome

In summary, altHR is superior compared to Payroll Panda in terms of the number of features, price and scalability as an all-rounded HR software. If you are looking to start digitalising your HR processes today, altHR is the clear choice for you. Let altHR manage your tedious HR tasks so you can focus on what you do best!

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