Nov 3, 2020

Accelerating Digitalisation during COVID-19

Learn more about how Omni Hotline’s customers have benefited from using the virtual business landline especially during a pandemic.

Digi’s Omni Hotline is part of the #BCDigitalisation Playbook to help SMEs in building the capabilities, processes & mindset necessary for business digitalisation. Omni Hotline users have reaped the benefits of going digital especially during a time where remote work has become the new norm. Utilising Omni Hotline’s robust all-in-one phone system, businesses have recorded an increase in customer satisfaction as their teams have been able to reduce customer wait times.

Here at Digi, we have always championed digitalisation to better serve our customers in connecting them to what matters most. As MDEC’s partner of 100GoDigital and part of Digi’s #BCDigitalisation initiative, this webinar will showcase customers who have undergone their digitalisation efforts with Omni Hotline. They will also share and encourage other SMEs in adopting digital technology in their business operations while facing the changing economic landscape due to the COVID-19.


  • Howie Chang, Founder & CEO of Forward School
  • Dylan Damsma, Founder & CEO of Foundingbird
  • Datin Christine Bong, Managing Director of Brick House


  • Izza Atirah, Digital Marketer at Digi-X