Jun 10, 2020

Digi’s #BCDigitalisation Playbook

Digi’s #BCDigitalisation Playbook

The New Normal: Business Continuity Digitalisation with Digi’s Chief Digital Officer


Praveen Rajan

Chief Digital Officer, Digi Telecommunications

In the capacity of Digi’s Chief Digital Officer, Praveen is leading Digi-X, Digi’s innovation lab responsible for dreaming up and launching projects and businesses from adjacent services to new digital verticals that could someday become part of Digi’s core business. His team has built and launched relevant digital solutions to drive significant commercial impact for SMEs, connecting the dots around businesses in their digital journey.

About the Event:

Here at Digi, we have always championed digitalisation at the core of what we do and have been tirelessly digitising many components of our business in order to better serve our customers in connecting them to what matters most. We find that most small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are keen to go digital and are aware of the need to digitalise most parts of their businesses, however have insufficient resources to get there.

As MDEC’s partner of 100GoDigital, we are initiating Digi’s #BCDigitalisation Playbook, a series of webinars to help prepare SMEs in adopting digital technology in their business operations while facing a once-in-a-generation shift due to the coronavirus pandemic and change of consumer behaviour.

In the first webinar, Digi’s Chief Digital Officer, Praveen Rajan will lend insight of how he has been leading Digi-X, an innovation arm of Digi that uses digital solutions in helping businesses of all sizes to achieve more in this unprecedented fast-changing environment.

We aspire to lay a firm foundation for your digital success.