Aug 6, 2020

How to Accelerate Learning in an Accelerated World

At this webinar, find out how you can learn faster in today’s digital age with D Jungle People and Digi Telecommunications.

Have you ever felt the need to perform better? The desire to up your game but not know how exactly to do so? It happens with almost anybody, whether in school, in sports or even at work.

As we embrace digitalisation and IR4.0, the needs of the workforce to excel at the workplace are constantly evolving and changing. So, how do we keep up?

Many have the misconception that methods to learning effectively are still very much theoretical, but that is not true. Staying still is no longer an option. The current workforce is competing against evolving technologies, merging younger and newer talents and much more.

At this webinar, find out how you can learn faster in today’s digital age with D Jungle People, a leading, multi-award winning, corporate training company in Malaysia specialising in people and organisational growth, as well as Digi Telecommunications, winner of TalentCorp’s Life At Work 2019 for Outstanding Practice in HR Digitalisation Initiative.

Why should you join?

  • Understand the concept and impact of accelerated learning
  • Explore indicators of an accelerated learning culture
  • Discover effective approaches to help cultivate an accelerated learning cycle
  • Learn how Digi has been promoting learning among employees
  • How can SMEs potentially provide or encourage learning among employees
  • Live Q&A session with the speakers


  • Emily Chin, Head of Business Unit at D Jungle People
  • Rafey Majeed, Head of Talent, Learning & Rewards at Digi Telecommunications

Digi's #BCDigitalisation Playbook

Here at Digi, we have always championed digitalisation at the core of what we do and have been tirelessly digitising many components of our business in order to better serve our customers in connecting them to what matters most. We find that most small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are keen to go digital and are aware of the need to digitalise most parts of their businesses, however have insufficient resources to get there.

As MDEC’s partner of 100GoDigital, we are initiating Digi’s #BCDigitalisation Playbook, a series of webinars to help prepare SMEs in adopting digital technology in their business operations while facing a once-in-a-generation shift due to the coronavirus pandemic and change of consumer behaviour.