Sep 15, 2020

Resilience in Crisis & Protecting Employee’s Financial Health

Resilience in crisis and the future workplace

How did your organisation respond during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Layoffs and salary cuts occurred globally, within our own borders in Malaysia, an increase in job losses by 42% year-on-year was recorded for the first quarter (Q1 2020). This trend is only expected to accelerate further with Covid-19 still prevalent and it is expected that job losses will increase by 50% to 200% year-on-year for each subsequent quarter in 2020.

Almost every business has been impacted in one way or another, but some businesses came out stronger than the rest. So what’s the secret? What’s next for the organisation and the future of the workplace?

Protecting & Enhancing the Financial Health of Employees

Find out how Standard Chartered Bank, a leading international bank with 85,000 employees and a presence in 60 markets responded to the Covid-19 pandemic and came out stronger without laying off employees or enforcing salary cuts throughout the organisation.

No matter how big or small your organisation is, this is THE webinar to attend to learn how to better prepare and respond as an organisation when a crisis like the Covid-19 pandemic happens again.

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Learn more about:

  • How an international organisation prepares and responds to crisis
  • How to reshape the future at the  workplace
  • How to protect and enhance the financial health of employees
  • Key lessons that an international bank has learned from the Covid-19 crisis


  • Samrat Sarkar - Regional Head – Employee Relations, India ASEAN & South Asia, Standard Chartered Bank  
  • Lai Pei Si – Country Head Retail Banking, Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Bhd

Digi's #BCDigitalisation Playbook

Here at Digi, we have always championed digitalisation at the core of what we do and have been tirelessly digitising many components of our business in order to better serve our customers in connecting them to what matters most. We find that most small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are keen to go digital and are aware of the need to digitalise most parts of their businesses, however have insufficient resources to get there.

As MDEC’s partner of 100GoDigital, we are initiating Digi’s #BCDigitalisation Playbook, a series of webinars to help prepare SMEs in adopting digital technology in their business operations while facing a once-in-a-generation shift due to the coronavirus pandemic and change of consumer behaviour.