Jun 25, 2020

Guide to SME Digitalisation Grant (Up to RM5,000!)

Free Live Webinar:

Guide to SME Digitalisation Grant (Up to RM5,000!) + checklists

What is the webinar about?

Join the live webinar for a step by step walkthrough of a good application to maximise your chances of receiving the SME Digitalisation Grant. We will also be sharing common pitfalls to why applications are rejected and how to still benefit from tools even if your company is not eligible.

What is the SME Digitalisation Grant?

The SME Business Digitalisation Grant is a grant offered by the Ministry of Finance (MOF) for SMEs. The government is providing a 50% matching grant, up to RM5,000 per company to subscribe to tools in 5 Key Digitalisation Areas.

Why should I attend?

  1. Guided steps to applying for the RM5,000 SME Digitalisation Matching Grant
  2. How to submit a good application
  3. What are the common mistakes rejected applicants make
  4. Q&A session with representatives from the banks