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Why altHR?

Companies deserve better. Their people deserve more. 

When was the last time you were excited to use your company’s HR website or app? That’s exactly how we felt three years ago when we embarked on this journey to reimagine our company's HR experience. What started out as a small mission to reinvent Digi’s own employee experience, has now become a solution that we feel will help your company do better business with happier people. Here’s why.

We are people, not just users

Every employee at Digi uses altHR and we are continuously improving it every day. When we build something, it’s not because it’s a HR requirement. It’s always about how we help people get their work done without the need for stress and complexity of paperwork administration. We’re committed to supporting altHR, so whenever something doesn’t work for you, we fix it and improve the experience.

Enterprise-grade, with SME flexibility

We are here to help large companies move faster, and help small companies grow bigger, easily. But, how and where do you start? altHR was designed and tested with more than 1,500 Digi employees. No matter your size, we will help your company to adopt the latest HR practices that we've tested and used ourselves. So there are absolutely no reasons why any company should be without altHR and the awesome features that come with it.

Best practices brought to life

When you start with altHR, you will begin a journey with the best HR practices and practitioners from one of Malaysia’s leading public listed companies. Growing companies often have questions on where to start and what are the right HR policies to implement. The various modular features we build in altHR come with preset policies that are based on how we’ve run things at Digi. These policies are also derived from global best practices that Digi adopts by being part of the Telenor Group.

Ready for the New Normal

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated many changes in the workplace including Digi’s own practices. Remote working is one of the many things we will see as the new normal. As we go through some of these changes ourselves, we are setting out to build the relevant solutions through altHR that your company will need to tackle the unforeseen challenges of this new normal, without breaking your bank.

Helping your company at every step

We’ve been through this journey. We get shiny new software, and then everyone forgets about how hard it is to get it going in the company. With altHR, you will get real humans to help you. Not AI or chatbots. Our dedicated Customer Success team will provide you with the support you need to help you onboard and use the system. If your company is larger, we’re also ready to assist your HR team with implementation support and employee engagement activities.

The Super App for Companies

Built for companies, made for people.