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What is this E-Book about?

It’s hard to believe that the Covid-19 pandemic has been around for awhile now; the term New Normal is overused, but still many businesses are struggling to adapt because we are living in a New Normal.

The time is now for businesses to learn how to adapt or risk being able to keep up and stay afloat during these unprecedented times. In this E-Book created by our experts from altHR, we will give you a quick and easy guide to adapting your workplace to the New Normal including:

  • How to keep your employees safe
  • Digital safety to mitigate cyber security risks
  • Remote employee engagement
  • Taking care of employees' wellbeing
  • and MORE!

What is altHR?

altHR, the Super App for companies, is built to help Malaysian companies adapt to the new normal by digitalising HR processes. altHR is the complete Human Resource Management System that empowers your company and HR teams beyond paperwork through simplified digital processes.

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Powerful features of altHR

Enables employers and employees to do more with less.

altHR new normal infographic

The New Normal

  • Agile-Ready: custom approval routings and team management configurations to cater for your Agile teams' needs.
  • Best Practices Ready, Off-the-shelf default policy templates, fully compliant with labour law requirements and best practices from Digi's vast HR experience.
  • One Click Approvals, No more paper approvals from the stack of forms in the office cabinet. Approve employee claims and leaves from anywhere, safely.
HR processes and features for altHR

HR Processes, Made Easy

  • Centralised people management: manage your employee data seamlessly from hire to retire through our interactive digital database.
  • Leaves management: provide your employees easy access to their leave balances and allow them to apply whenever they want, wherever they are
  • Expense management: easy claims submission and even easier admin consolidation. Say goodbye to stacks of papers and complex spreadsheets.
Employee happiness features for altHR

Employee Happiness

  • Services, allow your employees to purchase vouchers, pay for their utility bills, mobile top-ups and other essential services from within altHR itself.
  • Highlights, keep employees updated on important news and announcements from the HR team or company management.
  • Checklist, ensure your employees complete specific tasks or provide specific information through dynamic checklists.