People Management,
Made Easy

Simplified HR processes, all in one place.

The Best Way to Manage Your Employees

Complete HR management

Your entire employee lifecycle on a single platform — no need for confusing, multiple systems. Simply one powerful platform for the end-to-end of HR management.

Single source of truth

Store and manage employee data in a centralised place. altHR makes it easy to ensure there's always only a single source of truth for your team's data.

Centralised Payroll* and Taxes

A fully integrated, compliant, and secure payroll system to simplify your payment processes.
*available on assessment basis as an optional add-on. For more details, click here.

Pay your team within minutes

With altHR, you can manage your team's payroll with fine controls over payroll calculations, claims, and other necessary deductions.

The best part? We're fully compliant with Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN).

All Your HR Needs
In One Place

A safe, centralised location to store and manage essential employee information.
Simplify, streamline, and digitalise your HR.


Set up a HQ within altHR for your Company, storing all your policies, documents, and employee information.


Manage all your employee data seamlessly from hire to retire through our interactive digital database and powerful admin dashboard.


Provide your employees easy access to their leave balances and allow them to apply whenever they want, wherever they are.


Easy claims submission, and even easier admin consolidation.

Say goodbye to stacks of papers and complex spreadsheets.


Digitally onboard your new employees by equipping them with all the information they need — before they even join.

Easily create welcome videos, virtual tours, and to-do lists to aid their onboarding journey.

Payroll by PayrollPanda

Seamless migration of employee data as well as powerful integrations between payroll, expenses, and documents for employees with altHR's partnership with PayrollPanda.

The best of both worlds, designed to make HR processing easy and intuitive, yet comprehensive.


Offers HR agents the capability to efficiently manage and resolve all employee enquiries in relation to HR, while reducing operational costs & improving employee satisfaction.


Employees can easily submit travel requests to kickstart a streamlined travel booking process for HR on the admin dashboard.

Performance Management

Create appraisal cycles with customisable start and end dates, as well as eligibility criteria, rating settings, and review questions for regular evaluation sessions with your employees.

This module offers full transparency with employee access to goals and performance reviews — as well as feedback from managers — allowing you to manage overall employee development with altHR.


Upload company documents, letters and statutory documents to a personal digital folder for each employee.

To make things easier for HR admins, you can even enable a mandatory sign-off for documents of your choice.

Personal Assistants

Delegate select employees with the ability to perform tasks on behalf of management.

For example, allow certain team members to approve leave requests on behalf of the team manager, and more!

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