Check-Ins Module for Employees

Check-Ins Module for Employees

If there's a specific feature you want to learn about the Check-Ins Module, these video tutorials will be your guidebook.

How to View, Submit and Edit Check-In Responses (Web App)

This video is an employee guide to check-ins on the web app. It includes what check-ins are, as well as how to view, submit and edit your responses to status check-ins.

Breakdown of Leave Balance

This video is an employees' guide on the breakdown of the types of leave balances. This video covers the breakdown of the types of leave balances so that employees can have a better understanding of what each type of leaves are for and its entitlement.

How to View, Submit and Edit Responses (Mobile App)

Learn how you can engage with your colleagues and management by submitting your responses and view everyone's responses for the check-ins set up by your company.