Digital Workplace

Be digital-ready in every aspect of your business

Monitor Team Productivity Effectively & Efficiently

On-site or remotely, see your team's work shift

Create schedules for employees for shift-based work, or even for Business Continuity Planning with Team A & Team B arrangements.

Clock-In/Out of work from home or designated areas

Allow your teams to clock-in and clock-out of the office, from home, or at designated areas that have been defined by HR managers.

Remote Work
Has Never Been Easier

Boost employee experience by being digital-ready in every aspect of your business.
From better communication and time-tracking, to sales and expense tracking,
altHR future-proofs your company for any and all challenges.

Asset Management

Manage all company assets in stock or in use in the organisation — both hardware and software — with the ability to track, allocate, or even retire company-owned assets such as laptops, devices, or software licences.


Manage scheduling for employees on shifts or varying working arrangements, including being able to request preferred work days, off days, and rest days.

Time Tracking

A mobile timekeeping feature that allows employees to accurately record working hours through a contactless process, be it for remote working or to limit physical contact in the office.

Sales Kit

Store relevant sales and marketing materials, allow employees to access and share to external parties —anytime, anywhere.


Easily track and monitor the availability and occupancy of facilities or locations at any time, especially useful to help maintain social distancing effectively in accordance with SOPs and guidelines.

Quick Links

Store all important platform URLs in the Quick Links module, offering employees convenient access to a comprehensive directory of important digital addresses — all within the altHR app.

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