Engage your people

A highly engaged workforce
will be happier & more productive

Keep your team together while being apart

Centralised place for team to update each other

Teams are able to update each other of their plans and schedule through the use of altHR Status Check-In and altHR Team Calendar.

A collaborative place to communicate ideas

Give your teams the ability to collaborate and be creative with sharing their thoughts and feedback.

Engage your People

Great HR teams keeps employees engaged and show them that they belong. A highly engaged workforce will be happier, more productive, and truly go above and beyond; an ultimate recipe for business success.


Create tasks checklists that your employees need to complete. Easily reuse templates and utilise automated reminders to gently nudge employees to complete
their checklist.


Configure your choice of options-based or question-based check-ins be it for monitoring employee time management, engaging employees on their mental health and well-being or even as a survey.


Update your employees on important news and announcements from the HR team or company management.

Team Calendar

Birthdays, Work Anniversaries, Annual Leaves, Public Holidays - with altHR Team Calendar, teams can be given visibility to all the important dates in your organisation to keep track of them.


A centralised digital directory that enables all employees in the company to be able to search for their colleagues and retrieve their contact details and work-related information.

Custom Look & Feel

Power up your organisation's altHR app by customising the look and feel through brand colours and logo. Keep your unique branding as a layer on top of our existing powerful features, no compromises.

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