Expenses Module for Admins

Expenses Module for Admins

If there's a specific feature you want to learn about the Expenses Module, these video tutorials will be your guidebook.

How to Integrate Xero with altHR

This video is an admin guide to integrating Xero with altHR on the web app. The video explains what Xero is, the type of expense claims you can export to Xero, questions related to syncing, and more.

How to Edit and Configure Expense Settings

Understand your general settings in expenses module and learn how to set up the following:

- Default approval routing for expenses module
- General Ledge number
- Import expense requests

How to Set Up Expense Policies

Learn about the 3 types of expense policies an admin can create:

  1. Generic Expense Policy - Covers policies other than the usual mileage or allowance expense policies.
  2. Mileage Expense Policy - Allows employees to claim fuel mileage or travel reimbursements.
  3. Allowance Expense Policy - Allows employees to claim their daily allowance.

How to View, Approve & Reject Claims + Approval Work Flow

Expense Transactions are employee expense requests. Every expense request is tagged Pending, Approved or Rejected. This section guides you on how to view and process the expense transactions submitted by your employees.

How to Process Expenses

Expense Transactions are employee expense requests. This video guides you on how to approve/reject expense requests submitted by your employees, and process them for payout once approved.

How to Generate & Download Expense Reports

An Expense Report is a report of employee expense transactions. It is a customisable reporting feature that creates expense reports of different types and formats. Learn the steps to generate expense reports for your use.