Leaves Module for Admins

Leaves Module for Admins

If there's a specific feature you want to learn about the Leaves Module, these video tutorials will be your guidebook.

How to Generate and Download Leave Reports

As an admin, you are able to generate and download leave reports. There are a few sections in the Leaves module where you are able to do this. In this video, we will walk you through the steps to customise and download the reports according to your need.

How to Apply Leave On Behalf of Employees

When an employee is unable to submit a leave, for example, for an MC, disaster or emergency leave, admins can apply for leave on behalf of the employee.

How to Enable and Set Up Carry Forward Leaves

This video walks you through the steps on how to set up carry forward leave under the Annual Leave policy. You can automatically carry forward the leave to next cycle for all your employees based on their entitlement according to criteria such as years of service and set up expiry date for the leave.

How to Archive and View Archived Leave Policies

If a leave policy is no longer relevant or obsolete and you want to retire it, you have the option of doing so. An archived leave policy will no longer appear in the Policies tab. After a leave policy is archived, you will still have the option to restore it.

How to Set Up Replacement Credit Policy

A replacement credit policy allows employees to request for replacement leaves. When requests are approved, it adds the number of days requested to the employees’ leave balance. Follow the steps in this video to learn how to set up replacement credit policy for your company.

How to Set Up Special Leave Policy

Special leave policies are umbrella leave policies. It sets one leave balance that can be used across or drawn from multiple leave policies. After watching this video, you will learn how to set up a special leave policy that suits your company's requirements.

How to Set Up Generic Leave Policy

Generic leave policies are leave policies that fall outside of the annual leave and emergency leave category. For example, medical leave and study leave. It is set up to allow all or a certain group of employees to be able to submit leave requests. 

Learn how to set up generic leave policy with this video.

How to Set Up Emergency Leave Policy

An emergency leave policy is set up to allow all or a certain group of employees to be able to submit emergency leave requests. An emergency leave policy typically comes attached to an annual leave policy. After watching this video, you will get an idea on how you can set up an emergency leave policy that suits your company!

How to Set Up Annual Leave Policy

An annual leave policy is set up to allow all or a certain group of employees to be able to submit annual leave requests. Here's your ultimate guidebook on how you can set up an annual leave policy on altHR.

How to Import Leave Requests

As an admin, you are able to import your historical leave requests from other management systems into AltHR. If your company comes on board altHR halfway through the year, you will probably want to import leave requests for record keeping. Watch this video to learn how you can import the leaves requests.

Leaves Settings for Approval Routing, Work Days & Hours, Holidays

Learn step-by-step how to set your Leaves settings for approval Routing, work days & hours, and holidays. The video covers the following topics:

- How to change default approval routing for leave

- How to add and edit company's work days and hours

- How to set public holidays and company's holidays

What Can Admin Do with Leave Requests

Here are a step-by-step guidebook:

- How to apply for, approve and cancel leave on behalf of an employee or manager

- Who will get notified when admin approves on behalf

- How to download report of all leave requests