People Module for Admins

People Module for Admins

If there's a specific feature you want to learn about the People Module, these video tutorials will be your guidebook.

How to Set Out of Office Delegations

This video is an admin guide to setting up delegations on the web app. The video includes what out-of-office delegations are, how to set it up, how to check on its status, and more.

How to Enhance Security with Password Settings

This video is an admin guide to enhancing security with password settings. The video includes what you can modify under password settings, employee's password expiry and how to activate it, password history policy, and more.

How to Customise Employee Profile QR

This video is an admin guide to customise the fields for your employees' profile QR. Profile QR is what your employees can use as their business card on the mobile app. This video includes an introduction to Profile QR, where you can find it, and most importantly choose what will display when someone scans your employees' profile QR.

How to Bulk Update Employees' Information

This video is an admin guide on how to bulk update employees' information. This video covers how an admin is able to bulk update employees' information so that it's more convenient when there's a new wave of hires.

How to Generate People Reports

People reports are records of all your employees that can be extracted from altHR. You can generate custom reports by applying the filters that suit your need. Watch this video for step-by-step guide on how to generate and download the reports.

Personal Assistants

Personal Assistants allow you to assign an employee to have the ability to perform tasks on behalf of another staff. For example, approving leave requests on behalf of your manager. This video explains the use case and walks you through the steps to assign and archive personal assistants.

How to Import & Export Employees Database

As an admin, you are able to import your employee information from manual HR processes and/or other management systems into altHR. You may want to import employees in bulk when initially migrating to altHR or whenever you have a large number of employees to input into altHR. You may also export the most updated employees database by customising it according to your needs.

How to Create Approval Routing

Setting up an approval routing will allow employee requests to be automatically routed to the appropriate managers for approval. Certain modules in altHR require an approval routing set up, such as leaves, expenses, transactions, or even documents. Learn how to set up approval routing under the People Module before you head to the specific modules to set up the default approval routing.

How to Configure & Manage Employee Settings

Get started with the People Module by configuring and managing employee settings

How to Hire, Terminate, Change Position & Transfer Employment

Here are the how-to videos to walk you through step-by-step to:

  • Hire or add employee into the database
  • Terminate employees
  • Move employee to another organisation
  • Change employee's position

Organisations and Positions

Organisations is essentially your organisation chart. You will first need to set up company levels/structure before being able to effectively set up Organisations. Positions show reporting structure e.g. head of department and the organisation members.

By learning the organisations and positions, you will have a good start ahead when having to change positions, move organisations and transfer employees.