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Digi’s HR Super App, altHR announces altHR Directory

July 30, 2020
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  • altHR is a digital workforce management solution suited for managing and growing businesses in the New Normal while staying ahead of the post-pandemic times.
  • altHR Directory is an organisation-wide directory feature that allows employees to search for their colleagues and retrieve contact information.

SUBANG JAYA, 14 July 2020 – Today, Digi’s HR Super App, altHR announced altHR Directory - an in-app feature listing a comprehensive contact directory of all internal staff within a company or organisation.

Starting today, employees can easily look up and connect with their colleagues all within the altHR app. altHR Directory is a convenient contact listing that allows users to search for their colleagues’ contact details and carry out immediate actions including call, email or save the contact in their own mobile phones.

With altHR Directory, employees can view a complete list of their colleagues within their company or organisation with a short preview of their department and position. On each individual’s page, their updated contact and work details such as work location and reporting manager will be listed out. 

The altHR Directory is a feature readily suited for company employees adapting to their respective “New Normals”, be it working remotely or in the workplace. Communication becomes seamless and on-the-go as colleagues are able to directly call, email, save and share contact information from the altHR Address Book all while doing their part and adhering to safe practices of social distancing. 

By synchronising contact details of employees in the same organisation, the altHR Directory reduces human error and ensures that all relevant information is kept up to date. Employees no longer need to struggle with the manual retrieval of various contact information, misplaced and overlooked details, or reaching the right person in the workplace or while working virtually. The search-and-contact process is now simplified by making contact information clear-cut and easily accessible on altHR Address Book. 

The addition of altHR Directory further strengthens altHR as a Super App, in simplifying processes for companies beyond just HR operations. The ease of accessibility and connection provided by altHR’s features effectively minimises hurdles, empowering employees to communicate faster and deliver stronger as they strive to adapt to the New Normal.

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