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Digi’s HR Super App, altHR announces altHR Team Calendar

November 6, 2020
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  • altHR is a digital workforce management solution with business-focused features beyond HR
  • altHR Team Calendar helps employees stay up-to-date on workplace happenings and events especially in the New Normal

SUBANG JAYA, 6 November 2020 – Today, Digi’s HR Super App, altHR announced the rollout of altHR Team Calendar, a company-wide, shared calendar feature to keep track of employee’s time off, birthdays, work anniversaries, upcoming holidays, company events, and more. 

Starting today, administrators of altHR accounts can configure and enable calendar events for employees to view. Using existing data, altHR syncs celebratory events based on employee information such as birthdays and work anniversaries. Admins can also choose to display important work-related events such as time off, company-wide holidays, or even customise additional activity reminders that they wish to communicate to employees.

With the launch of this feature, altHR users can find all the events within the altHR mobile app. All the events are categorised, tagged, and displayed in a day-view format. Days with no events will not be shown and users can easily scroll through different dates to look at historical and future events. 

For companies that want to take this up a notch, administrators can opt to enable email or push notifications for any of the event categories. For example, if ‘Birthdays’ have notifications enabled, employees will all receive an email or push notification of the birthday, on the event day. 

On work-related events, altHR Team Calendar brings about the convenience of reminders for non-working days as well as employee’s time off. With this, all employees in the organisation are well-informed and are aware of when their colleagues are away from work and to respect their time off.

The use cases of altHR Team Calendar stretches beyond just reminders for work-related events. For example, if there are developments to the Movement Control Order or changes for working locations for employees, admins can indicate these within the calendar as a simple, quick, and effective way to communicate to employees.

With the shift in way of work during the Coronavirus pandemic, altHR serves as a method to automatically remind employees of important dates. On top of that, with the absence or reduced physical interaction between colleagues due to social distancing, altHR Team Calendar serves as a way to keep employees engaged and reminded of important days for their colleagues.

Beyond digitalising traditional HR processes, altHR offers solutions to help organisations enable better employee experiences, engagement, and happiness. altHR Team Calendar is one of the many modules available on altHR that helps bring teams closer together, especially in the New Normal.

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