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Digi’s HR Super App, altHR announces altHR Custom Report Generator

February 3, 2021
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  • altHR Custom Report Generator is a tool that allows for company admins to create custom reports for Leaves, Expenses, and more
  • altHR Custom Report Generator enables managers to access summarised employee HR information for better transparency and productivity

SUBANG JAYA, 3 February 2020 - Today, Digi’s altHR announced the rollout of altHR’s Custom Report Generator. This functionality will allow altHR admin(s) to create personalised reports on the admin panel. With this, decision makers can have access information specific to their needs serving different purposes.

Starting today, altHR users can  configure the custom reports formatted according to their company’s requirements. The report template will be shown in the ‘Reports’ page of the selected module. By saving the customised reports, altHR users will be able to download them anytime or schedule them to be emailed at a specified frequency.

For example, a manager can generate monthly reports for employee Leaves and Leave balances. The report can be customised to include employee’s names, IDs, number of leave days taken and their leave balance at the end of the month. The information can be created as columns which can easily be rearranged through a drag and drop interface. Once the report is saved, it can be exported or scheduled to be sent to the manager on a monthly basis. 

With the introduction of the Custom Report Generator, altHR users are no longer stuck with default altHR This function simplifies the process of creating new reports, tweaking existing reports to suit different managers’ needs, or even configuring reports to be importable by external systems. This allows altHR users to save their time and energy, redirecting their focus on other crucial tasks.  

The addition of altHR Custom Report Generator further strengthens altHR as an all-in-one, HR Super App. It simplifies many of the company processes beyond just HR operations, empowering employees to focus on what they are best at.

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