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Digi improves altHR to effectively manage the safe return of select departments to the office

June 8, 2022
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Subang Jaya, 28 March 2022 – Digi Telecommunications (Digi) recently made improvements to their homegrown HR super app, altHR, to help ensure the safe return of their employees to the physical workplace. With new and improved modules integrated into the altHR app, Digi has effectively implemented the following safeguards for employees in select departments:

- Daily updates on location and health status of individual employees with the Check-Ins module
- Easy coordination of multiple schedules for different teams in Digi to come back to work safely with the Rostering module
- Enabling advanced bookings of meeting rooms and other communal areas with the Spaces module

As we move into the endemic phase, it is crucial for companies like Digi to ensure that its employees can return to office with minimal disruption while maintaining their safety and well-being. Currently used by 1,500 employees at Digi, altHR has demonstrated that it is a tool that can assist businesses in addressing the challenges of having employees back at their desks. This includes aspects such as regular monitoring of employee health status, effective management of multi-team setups and hybrid work arrangements, as well as maintenance of occupancy limits on business premises.

Lee Kathryn, Head of Digi-X, says that “We built altHR to empower businesses in Malaysia to thrive in the digital era — that mission statement remains true, despite the pandemic. As such, we’ve continued to develop new and improved modules that are designed to help companies tackle the challenges posed by the current situation. We believe that with the latest updates that we’ve made to the Spaces, Rostering, and Check-Ins modules, altHR will be an essential tool for businesses of all sizes in Malaysia as they make arrangements to facilitate the safe return of their employees to the physical workplace,” she adds.

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