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Digi’s HR Super App, altHR Announces altHR Check-Ins

October 8, 2020
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  • altHR Check-Ins is a versatile tool that allows for HR personnel or managers to configure questions or surveys for employees to answer
  • altHR Check-Ins enables businesses to keep tabs on their employee’s well-being and productivity on-the-go

SUBANG JAYA, 7 October 2020 - Today, Digi’s altHR announced altHR Check-Ins, a dynamic check-in or survey tool. altHR Check-Ins enables employers to measure employee productivity, track engagement, happiness, physical health state and even mental well-being through asking questions at a selected frequency.

Beyond the usual capabilities of tracking employee productivity and regular pulse surveys, this  feature can be used to help companies boost employee engagement and increase employee satisfaction. With the rising challenges of remote or distanced working, altHR Check-Ins is now more relevant as a digital HR tool for the New Normal way of working. 

Starting today, once enabled, employers can check-in with employees through quick surveys. For example, employers can track how employees are feeling during this Covid-19 pandemic on a daily basis. This ensures that any anomaly is identified and acted upon quickly as managers may not easily be able to meet or spend time with their subordinates due to social-distancing rules. This is important as the mental wellbeing of employees can ultimately affect productivity as well as quality of work. 

On top of that, altHR Check-Ins offers a single text answer option format. This can be used as a tool to reduce the amount of status update meetings. Instead, managers can configure an automated check-in at a fixed time that just requires employees to update their project status via text on a daily basis. That way, employees can utilise their time to complete more important work tasks instead of being occupied with meetings that distract them from focused work.

With the introduction of altHR Check-Ins, employees are now empowered with an outlet to express their feelings and even physical and mental state of health especially during this pandemic when physical interactions are limited. At the same time, managers can also keep track of the progress of projects or work without the need for meetings. Thus, this feature can help to enable them to have a stronger personal bond among one another and to be more transparent with their peers too.

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