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Digi’s HR Super App, altHR announces altHR Time Tracking

July 6, 2020
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  • altHR is a digital workforce management solution fit for The New Normal, built to help businesses transition smoothly into the post-pandemic world
  • altHR Time Tracking is a mobile timekeeping feature that allows employees to accurately record working hours through a contactless process, be it for remote working or to limit physical contact in the office

SUBANG JAYA, 6 July 2020 – Today, Digi’s HR Super App, altHR announced altHR Time Tracking, which enables systematic check-in and check-out processes for employees.

Starting today, employees can clock in and out from work, manage their work schedules and track productive hours through the altHR mobile app. altHR Time Tracking can be used to track a regular workday in the office, taking business on the road or even staying productive while working remotely from home.  

Using altHR Time Tracking is simple and convenient - upon launching the mobile app, employees can select “Time Tracking” and tap on the “Clock In” button to indicate starting their workday or shift.  altHR Time Tracking comes with a break time component as well, allowing employees to log the start and end of their break times. The process for ending the time tracking is the same as clocking in, where employees just need to tap on “Clock Out” to finally complete their workday or shift. 

With the introduction of altHR Time Tracking, employers can do away with traditional time-tracking systems such as punch cards or time clocks, as well as reduce time spent on redundant tasks such as manually organising, filing and tracking this information. Employees on the other hand, can enjoy the benefits of an easy-to-use clock-in and clock-out process with no physical dependencies. 

For businesses requiring extra validation for accurate tracing, altHR Time Tracking provides capabilities to geofence or use Wi-Fi tracking. With these options, employers can require teams to be physically located at the job location through geofencing for altHR Time Tracking to be enabled or require employees to connect to the office Wi-Fi network in order to clock-in and clock-out. Additionally, administrators or managers can also generate records and timesheets online from the admin dashboard, seamlessly presenting admins detailed and accurate data of their employees’ productivity.

altHR Time Tracking supports employers and employees in fostering trust-based relationships between one another while promoting high accountability and integrity at the workplace. By eliminating barriers and connecting employees through altHR, accuracy and productivity can be gauged right at the ease of one’s own device to make better-informed decisions and to grow businesses no matter the whereabouts of their employees. 

Collectively, altHR’s complementary features realise the most crucial and high-demand  HR needs of various companies and businesses in a single yet powerful application. The flexible and customisable nature of the altHR’s functions are refined to grow with businesses as they expand in an increasingly online realm, ever-ready for the New Normal.

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