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How Warnakala Studios Transformed Their HR With altHR

The benefits of digitalisation are well-documented, and this is something that recent years (including the pandemic) have demonstrated. Businesses across Malaysia — and in fact, around the world — have seen the onset of the digital era, although this process of change has certainly resulted in challenges for employers and employees alike. 

To overcome some of the obstacles of this transitionary period, Malaysian companies have had to adopt a digital-first approach, one that relies on the right digital tools and services. In the digital era, apps like CelcomDigi’s super app, altHR, have become absolute must-haves for businesses of all sizes in Malaysia. 

To give you a better understanding of this, here are some key feedback points from Warnakala Studios — who digitalised the end-to-end of their HR with CelcomDigi’s super app: altHR.

Lily Yusof

Chief Operations Officer
Warnakala Studios


Monthly man-hours saved on HR processing


Annual savings after switching to altHR


Increase in efficiency


The Customer: 

Warnakala Studios

Warnakala Studios was formed in 2021. Entrusted as a co-producer (along with Astro) for the 3D-animated musical edutainment animated series Didi & Friends, Warnakala's crew plays a key role as the series’ top creative team. Taking a bold new direction for the future, Warnakala Studios continues to work on locally-inspired content for a global audience. 

The Problem

Previously, the management and HR team at Warnakala relied on a combination of manual forms track staff leave entitlements, while keeping paper-based records of individual company policies and the (lengthy) employee handbook. 

The HR department also shared that claims and expenses took an extended period of time — around 45 minutes on average — to clear on a regular basis. In general, the conventional way of doing HR simply proved to be inefficient, including physical access cards, non-automated payslips, and tedious OT calculations. 

When looking for a new HRMS, key leaders at Warnakala Studios had a few crucial requirements, including:

User-friendly UI & UX

With 65 talented employees employed, it is pivotal for the HRMS to be easy to use, while remaining powerful and reliable.

Safety, Convenience and Accuracy

Workforce management, including leave entitlements and others, must be handled with accuracy, reliability, and convenience.

“To help manage processes such as claims, leave, attendance, payroll, we tried other HR solutions — but they simply weren’t as user-friendly as altHR.”
Lily Yusof
Chief Operations Officer
Warnakala Studios

The Solution

Many organisations and businesses throughout Malaysia encounter challenges that are similar to those faced by Warnakala Studios. These include the learning curve commonly seen during the process of digital transformation, as well as the transitionary period for both employers and employees — as well as HR professionals.

With the support of the altHR team, plus our vast centre of resources (including the altHR Resources blog and altHR Library), Warnakala was successfully onboarded. The list of modules currently utilised by the team include: 

• Leaves 
• Expenses 
•Time Tracking 
• Helpdesk 
• Payroll
• Documents
• & more 

Thanks to a user interface (UI) that is easy-to-use, employees, employers, and HR managers have found the transition to altHR to be a seamless one. 


Can now be tracked and integrated in-app from wherever, instead of relying on physical access cards and locations

Engaged Employees

A collaborative culture is now emphasised with Employee Engagement modules such as Company Calendar

Less paperwork

There is now a significant reduction of paperwork, with seamless digitalisation of leave management, expenses, and other paper-based documents 

Easy payroll processing

Payslips are now automatically and accurately distributed to staff in a timely manner

The Outcome

Through altHR, Warnakala Studios’ workforce management has now undergone digital transformation, which has benefited both employers and employees in the organisation. 

With a comprehensive suite of features that go beyond the basics of HR, altHR’s partnership with Warnakala Studios has showcased that powerful does not need to be complicated. In fact, you don’t have to be a HR Pro to be a Pro at HR.

User-friendly UI & UX

With 65 talented employees employed, it is pivotal for the HRMS to be easy to use, while remaining powerful and reliable.

User-friendly UI & UX

With 65 talented employees employed, it is pivotal for the HRMS to be easy to use, while remaining powerful and reliable.

"altHR has actually made things a lot simpler for us. The app has empowered us to truly go digital and workforce management is truly a different experience now!"
Lily Yusof
Chief Operations Officer
Warnakala Studios