Admin Dashboard Interface Improvements

New Feature
February 17, 2023
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In this round of Admin Dashboard updates, we implemented minor interface improvements across several modules.

1. Applying Leave Days on Behalf of Employees

Moving forward, the "Full" day option will always be pre-selected.

2. People Module

Under People > Settings > Employee Profile Settings, we shifted the fields around to display Visible > Editable > Approval.

Under People > Import/Export > Import Employees, we ensured that the sections clearly show the steps need to import organisation and employee details.

When adding a new employee, we have moved the ‘Employee Number’ field to the top section of the list instead of parking it under the ‘Advanced Settings’ section. This will also be reflected on both the ‘Use Existing Position’ and ‘Create New Position’ pages.

When viewing and editing employee information, we placed the ‘Employment Info’ section above ‘Personal Info’, as well as showed the ‘Terminate’ action button more clearly.

3. Company Module

Lastly, we added the ability for admins to rearrange Job Groups by simply dragging the Job Groups within the list under Company > Profile > Job Bands.

As always, feel free to share your use cases, report any bugs in the app, and suggest improvements at!