Introducing the altHR Asset Management Module!

New Feature
April 26, 2021
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altHR is excited to announce our brand new module offering; Asset Management! It is a centralised digital library that helps you record, manage and track all your company assets. 

altHR Asset Management allows you to store and track comprehensive information about all the company assets in stock or in use within the organisation. You can now track any type of asset using altHR from hardware to software. 

You can also manage your assets based on your preferences as the module is customisable, such as creating custom asset types to suit your needs and industrial practices. This also helps simplify the onboarding and offboarding of employees, as well as the reallocation of assets to other employees.

You can now create, edit and retire any assets that the company owns. For maximum convenience, just create and assign assets in bulk!  Company assets can be labelled and sorted using their name, ID number, maintenance date and more, simplifying asset tracking and managing.  

For example, let’s record a new company laptop into the altHR Asset Management. Create an asset and asset sub-category for the laptops.

Next, create the asset. You can also specify other details such as the purchase, assigned and maintenance date. Once successfully recorded, the details will be shown on the asset inventory list where asset managers can view its status and assignee. 

Tracking asset usage history and generating downloadable reports have never been easier. You can then make informed decisions about asset utilisation, maintenance and replenishment. This ensures that the assets stay in good condition, preventing losses and damages. 

Eliminate your traditional and time-consuming methods of doing asset management with the altHR Asset Management module! No more messy asset spreadsheets or logbooks. This saves time and energy, redirecting your focus on other high-value tasks.