altHR Rostering - Custom Status Increment!

New Feature
December 3, 2021
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We've received a growing number of requests to be able to assign employees not to shifts and not to Off Days or Rest Days, but to other custom statuses like WFO, WFH, etc.

Now, altHR admins can create and assign custom statuses in a calendar view and they will be displayed in the webview as well!

Select “Add Custom Status”, select the date for this custom status, and give it a name. Admins are also able to copy this status to other days, set the number of slots for this status and allow employees to sign up for this status.

Once added, just like assigning shifts or bulk assigning shifts, admins can start assigning these statuses to employees via the “+” and “More” buttons on the Calendar View, as well as via “Shift Settings”.

Once the employees are assigned to the custom status, admins will have an easy overview of which employees are returning to the office for that week - great for social distancing!

Furthermore, this feature can also "Allow employees to sign up" for the custom status created via the altHR Web App. Custom statuses are viewable to employees for them to self sign up from the "Open Shifts" tab. 

They can then click into them to sign up for one of the Custom Status, and it will then appear under their "My Roster" tab. 

Simply click on “Apply Shift” at the bottom and employees will confirm their status instantly.

We have also added this feature into the Rostering reports for your convenience.

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