PAs can now resubmit withdrawn and rejected travel requests

Bug Fix
February 19, 2020
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Bug fixes and UI / UX increments in this release includes:

  • Fixes to mileage expense resubmit to display to one decimal point
  • Validation when a manager doesn't put a remark when rejecting an expense request
  • Personal assistants can now resubmit a manager's rejected and withdrawn expense and travel request
  • Fixed hanging issue when a manager rejects a travel request
  • Added a loader when users view PDF attachments
  • Removed validation for adding work contact information
  • Fixed distortion issue after adding / editing information in their profile
  • Employees can only see checklists that they are eligible to see
  • Employees can now mark checklists as complete
  • Employees will see a warning when they haven't saved changes and click to go back

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