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Bulk approving and request history added to all modules!

May 15, 2020
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Managers and personal assistants can now bulk approve team requests across all the altHR modules! Need a refresher? 

  • On team request, hit the triple dot option in the top right:
Triple dots top right to open more options
  • The screen will open more options and select "Bulk approve":
More options
  • Then choose the requests you would like to approve and hit "Approve selected". Take note that personal assistants are still unable to approve their own requests:
Select requests you would like to approve

Following that same flow, employees are also able to search their own and team request history using the "History Requery" option (personal assistants included as well!)

We also managed to throw in quite a number of bug fixes and performance improvements, such as:

  • Added last request reached notification message on all leave, expense and travel lists
  • Fixed the distorted UI on Android after saving personal address on employee profile
  • Now users are able to edit the type of identification number on their profile
  • Not allowing future dates in My Previous Employment info
  • EPF Contribution is displayed as "Null%" when My Statutory information is expanded
  • Fixed issue of Total EPF contribution and Total Income Tax Deducted fields saving and displaying as blank
  • Fixed the automatic apply of request history search without user confirmation
  • Redirecting help and support side menu option to case management module if case management has been enabled for company

Spotted a bug in the app or have improvements to suggest? Email us at!