Approval Routing Increments

New Feature
February 17, 2023
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In this latest update, we added the ability to configure the approval routing name, view the approval routing creation date and category with a sort function, as well as the ability to delete approval routings!

At first glance, the latest ‘Approval Routing’ page under People > Settings looks different as we have introduced four (4) new items:

1. The ability to create and edit approval routing name

When creating and editing an approval routing, admins can now insert the approval routing name for better referencing. This makes it easier to add the approval routing into our Leaves, Expenses, Travel, and Workflows modules later on.

After the approval routing has been created or edited, admins will be able to view the Routing Name on the left side of the page.

2. View approval routing creation date

To further minimise confusion and ease tracking, a new ‘Date Added’ column has been added. We have also ensured that newly created approval routings will always appear at the top of the approval routing list. 

Admins can also use the sort function to switch between the oldest and latest approval routings to appear first on top of the list.

3. View approval routing type

We also added a new ‘Category’ column for admins to easily identify standalone and cross-company approval routings.

4. Ability to delete obsolete approval routings

As the approval routing list may grow into a long list, we added the feature for admins to delete unused approval routings. Simply click on the ‘Delete’ icon on the right side of the approval routing and confirm the deletion at the popup message.

Note that once approval routings are deleted, admins should ‘Refresh Approval Routing’ for transactions that were created using the deleted approval routings in order to show the latest approval routing for the affected transactions.

The team also made minor tweaks to the interface to provide a more pleasant experience for the admins when configuring approval routings.

As always, feel free to share your use cases, report any bugs in the app, and suggest improvements at!