Bug fixes for the Admin Panel!

Bug Fix
June 18, 2021
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Bug fixes were released in the Admin Panel version 2.27.0:

  • Fixed a bug where the admin system does not completely upload employee name list if there are gaps in the list
  • Fixed a bug showing error status when uploading employee replacement credit
  • Fixed a bug where admins were unable to add employee as a Team Leader if employee is an existing team member
  • Fixed a bug where employees could not find the “Clock Out” option when leaving store / clock-in for the day not recorded
  • Fixed a bug on new sessions being created when editing timesheet instead of editing the existing session
  • Fixed a bug on adding employee as team leader on Time Tracking doesn’t give them access to the admin panel
  • Fixed a bug on admin unable to complete employee payroll as a Grey “Manage” button appears
  • Fixed a bug on saving altHR integration to Expense showing empty error module

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