Bug fixes across the admin panel and mobile app:

Bug Fix
May 24, 2021
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Bug fixes were released in the Admin Panel version 2.26.0 and Mobile App version 2.1.47

Admin Panel version 2.26.0: 

  • Fixed a bug on error to check-in caused by system unable to locate terminated employees to show their check-ins
  • Fixed a bug on Leaves Import / Team Calendar display error
  • Fixed a bug on query manage in creating PA not returning employees
  • Fixed a bug on Check-in not displaying responses in the correct time order
  • Fixed a bug on incorrect Check-in header
  • Fixed a bug on Performance Review where the Reviewer was shown as a Line Manager
  • Fixed a bug on duplicate error message on the Reset Password page

Mobile App 2.1.47:

  • Fixed a bug on Custom Dropdown not appearing as a dropdown in the App
  • Fixed a bug on Travel withdrawn notifications opening as a blank form
  • Fixed a bug on Time Tracking where shift is in progress but time does not go past 23:59

Spotted a bug in the app or have improvements to suggest? Email us at hello@althr.my!