Bug fixes on the altHR Admin Panel v2.51.0

Bug Fix
April 15, 2022
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Bug fixes were released on the Admin Panel version 2.51.0.

  • Fixed a bug in Flexi Benefits reports - Date format, Effective Date, Contact information and Dependent fields
  • Fixed a bug on Dependent children appearing in Flexi Benefits Medident report when they are over 21 years old
  • Fixed a bug on not being able to apply for Flexi Benefits claims after submitting a rejected claim
  • Fixed a bug on Flexi Benefits Benefits Selection design edges being cut-off
  • Fixed a bug on the “Spouse” and “Child” fields under “Dependents” not showing credit amount after saving
  • Fixed a bug on Post Entitlement Effective Date not visible in Flexi Benefits report after an employee has submitted Benefits Selection
  • Fixed a bug on the inaccurate export filter for the Flexi Benefits entitlement report

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