Bug fixes on the altHR Admin Panel v2.67.0 & v2.68.0

Bug Fix
December 8, 2022
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Bug fixes were released on the Admin Panel versions 2.67.0 and v2.68.0.

  • Fixed a bug on showing Region instead of Country in the Office Location dropdown
  • Fixed a bug on a GUID error when the user clicks on Account Settings
  • Fixed a bug on an incomplete view of documents when trying to download statutory documents
  • Fixed a bug on a GUID error when adding Additional EPF Contribution
  • Fixed a bug on the Payroll Summary Grand Total and Total Payable for all statutory showing zero (0)
  • Fixed a bug on the unsubscribe button not working in the Account Suspension email
  • Fixed a bug on an error message not showing up if the submit button is disabled
  • Fixed a bug on not being able to view the EWA module on the side menu

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