Bug fixes on the altHR Admin Panel v2.72.0, Mobile App v2.1.92 & Web App v1.58.0

Bug Fix
February 17, 2023
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Bug fixes were released on the Admin Panel v2.72.0, Mobile App v2.1.92 & Web App v1.58.0

  • Fixed a bug on cross-company approval routing showing toggled off when editing it
  • Fixed a bug on approval routing addition button shifting when approval routing is too long
  • Fixed a bug on ‘Repeat every’ field not hidden when adding shift
  • Fixed a bug on ‘Project Sessions’ not showing the accurate results when filtering by project
  • Fixed a bug on the ‘Projects’ field showing projects outside of the employee’s selected Team
  • Fixed a bug where terminated employee with a backdated last employment date still showing in the ‘Active Employees’ list
  • Fixed a bug where leave utilised for a resigned employee will be deducted from the all the Annual Leave policy
  • Fixed a bug on employee’s profile picture showing as blank after uploading an image
  • Fixed a bug on Store module not showing voucher usage instructions

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