Bug fixes on the altHR Mobile App v2.1.61 & altHR Admin Panel v2.41.0

Bug Fix
December 16, 2021
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Bug fixes were released in the Mobile App version 2.1.61 & Admin Panel version 2.41.0.

Mobile App:

  • Fixed a bug on weird flickering when opening the search bar on the Expense Policies page
  • Fixed a bug on Expense policies list not showing up
  • Fixed a bug on Highlights module’s ‘See More’ page not working properly
  • Fixed a bug on pending Leaves not showing

Admin Panel:

  • Fixed a bug on Entitlement points not reflecting prorated amount
  • Fixed a bug on Team leader not able to view Rostering Team
  • Fixed a bug on duplicate names on the ‘Open Shifts’ page
  • Fixed a bug on not being able to view leave requests in the Roster Calendar
  • Fixed a bug on error when creating shifts
  • Fixed a bug on not able to archive Appraisal Cycle
  • Fixed a bug on terminated employee appearing as an approver in Settings
  • Fixed a bug on not receiving notifications for employee profile change requests

Spotted a bug in the app or have improvements to suggest? Email us at hello@althr.my!