Bug fixes on the altHR Admin Panel v2.71.0 (B)

Bug Fix
January 20, 2022
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Bug fixes were released on the Admin Panel version 2.71.0.

  • Fixed a bug on the Carry Forward Leaves table showing ‘0’ after switching to the “Based on entitlement table” setting
  • Fixed a bug on team Leaves balances not reflecting the correct amount
  • Fixed a bug on not being able to download LHDN PDF file for December 2022 payroll
  • Fixed a bug on company contributions amount not reflecting when changing salary amount to ‘0’
  • Fixed a bug on not able to send the activation email to new hires using the correct method
  • Fixed a bug on GUID error when trying to bulk adjust Leave balances
  • Fixed a bug on an error when selecting ‘Johor’ as the state when adding a new office

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