Check out our brand new Performance Management module!

New Feature
April 9, 2021
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After weeks of development, we’re happy to announce our brand new module offering; Performance Management! Create appraisal cycles for your employees, note down your career goals and submit your performance reviews with the altHR Performance Management module from the web app. Here’s how it looks like:

From the admin, you’re able to create appraisal cycles by setting the cycle start and end dates, setting the eligibility criteria, creating the rating settings and creating the review questions to be answered by employees of the company. 

Once done, you can then click into each active appraisal cycles to view the list of employees in that appraisal cycle. Clicking into each individual employee’s profile will then allow you to view their submissions of goals and performance reviews thus far.

From the web app, employees are able to click into the relevant appraisal cycle and view their list of goals and performance reviews. From here, employees are able to create or edit goals, submit their performance reviews and view feedback from their managers once they have been reviewed.

Then, as a reviewer, you are able to view an additional “Evaluation” tab to review your team member’s performance reviews and provide them with written feedback. 

Easily manage your employees’ goals and performance reviews with the altHR Performance Management module, now available for everyone!