Check out our brand new Rostering module!

New Feature
February 12, 2021
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Running a team of shift-workers? Need a dedicated outlet to set up weekly work schedules? Fear not as we introduce you our latest module, Rostering!

Easily set up weekly rosters for your employees from within the altHR admin dashboard. First, create a Rostering Team. Once done, select the month and week you’d like to set up rosters for and then proceed to add a shift.

From the Add Shift page, you’re able to set the start and end times, set the roster to specific employees or allow employees to select their preferred slots from their mobile app.

Then from the mobile app, you’ll see a new module time named “Rostering”. Tap on that and you’ll be directed to the Rostering page where you can view published rosters (Open Shifts), your selected or assigned roster slots (My Roster) and your team member’s roster slots (Team Roster), only viewable if you’re given a Team Leader designation. The “Open Shifts” page will show employees the available rosters for the week, and if they’d like to apply for a shift, simply tap on the “Apply Shift” button to be directed to the shifts page and make their selection.

A simple rostering tool built for all, now available on altHR! Have a go at creating your first roster and improve employee productivity.