Check out our enhanced module control settings!

New Feature
July 13, 2020
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Another month, another new feature update! This time, we bring you module control - the ability for admins to control module visibility among employees.

Say for instance, in accordance with your company’s HR policy, employees on Probation status aren’t allowed to submit travel claims. You can enforce this policy from the admin dashboard itself, where you can set the Travel module to only be seen by employees who have Confirmed status.

You’ll first see the Modules page, where you’ll then see an option to edit eligibility for all modules. 

Once selected, you may then set your desired eligibility settings.

Some examples of how a company admin could make use of this setting is as follows:

  1. Only employees with “Pre-onboarding” status should see the Onboarding module.
  2. Only employees with “Active” status should see the Expense and Travel module.
  3. Only employees tagged to the “Sales” organisation should see the Sales Kit module.
  4. Only employees with “Shift Type” set to “Shift” should see the Time Tracking module.

... and the list could go on…

Managing your company’s module visibility to custom-fit your HR policies have never been simpler!