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Address Book - connecting you to your colleagues!

New Feature
June 26, 2020
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Want to send an email to a colleague from another division, but not quite sure what their email address is? Or need to call your manager, but not quite sure what their phone number is? Fret not, as the Address Book aims to solve these problems!

Address Book is a brand new module that serves as an outlet for everyone in the company to be able to search for their colleagues and retrieve their contact and work details. It’s easily accessible and can be found on the app’s home page as a tile.

Once tapped into, you will see a list of your colleagues detailing their name, position, reporting organization and profile picture (if any). Once you tap on a name, you’ll then see several options being displayed. You are able to directly call them, email them, save their contact information into your mobile device or view further information of them.

On each individual employee’s page, you’re able to view their contact and work details detailing information like work location, reporting manager, contract type and shift type.

A simple HR function used by people, for people, all altHR users can now connect and search for their colleagues seamlessly.

Want more info about this new feature? Contact us at for more details.