Improved Custom Fields Feature

New Feature
April 26, 2021
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altHR is excited to announce the revamped version of our Custom Fields feature! Our team has changed the UI as well as the admin flow of creating custom fields. 

Custom fields are now mapped to their intended sub-category and section that admins can select. The feature is now more comprehensive than before, bringing maximum convenience to admins who wish to create custom fields in various places.

To create custom fields, head over to People > Settings > App Settings > Custom Fields > Create New Custom Field. 

Then, select “Yes” if you'd like to place this field in a specific category in an employee's profile, or “No” to place it in the employee's "Others" profile category. 

You can then choose the type of custom field to create; Text field or Dropdown. If "Text field" is selected, fill in the Title and Description. This field will then be a required field for all employees.

If "Dropdown" is selected, admins can fill in the Title, Description, add dropdown options (up to 10 options), and set whether the custom field is single-choice or multi-choice.

Once confirmed and saved, the custom field will be visible in the Custom Fields page detailing which category/sub-category it was saved to. This will also then be displayed in the selected category/sub-category of each employee's profile page on: 

  1. The admin panel under an "Additional Information" category 
  2. The employee's profile page on the web app 
  3. The employee's profile page on the mobile app.

The revamped Custom Fields Module will bring a few notable benefits: 

  1. Admins are able to set whether a particular profile section is visible, editable or eligible to all employees.
  2. When a custom field is added to a sub-category, it will also be present in the Pre-Employment form sent to employees.
  3. When a custom field is added to a sub-category, that sub-category is set as “Approval needed” and employees will make changes on the mobile or web app. 
  4. When a custom field is added to a sub-category, this will also be reflected in any employee-related reports that are downloaded. 

Experience our new-and-improved Custom Fields feature today!