Data Privacy Increments

New Feature
October 21, 2022
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We heard your requests on wanting to have the ability to restrict view and edit permissions of certain ‘Employee Profile’ categories, for example, ‘Compensation Details’, as it may be sensitive information.

Now, you can decide and configure admin access to only be able to view and edit employee details that they are entitled to access. Upon clicking on ‘View Employee Profile’ and ‘Edit Employee Profile’, it will display 5 options; Details, Contacts, Compensation, Family & Beneficiaries and Others.

A sample scenario here is where admins can assign someone to this access policy with ‘View Employee Profile’ access, but only for ‘Details’ and ‘Contacts’ so that this person can only view the Details and Contacts portion for all employees when he/she logs into the altHR admin account. 

This admin will then not be able to view the Compensation, Family & Beneficiaries and Others tabs for all employees in the company.

That’s all for the latest Role Management & Data Privacy increments, and as always, if you spotted a bug in the app or have improvements to suggest? Email us at!