Do more with our Sales Kit Form!

April 5, 2021
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Did you know that with every Sales Kit folder created in the altHR admin dashboard, it also comes with a Sales Kit Form? A Sales Kit folder can contain multiple different items relating to a product your company is selling, including but not limited to: a Sales Presentation Deck, images of the product and video demonstrations of the product. A sales kit form within these Sales Kit folders can be configured in many different ways to achieve different objectives. Here are just some examples:

Product Survey Form

Within the Sales Kit product folder, you can configure its Sales Kit form into a product survey form to submit survey responses regarding the product. Say for instance if your friend or family have some ideas you think could be useful for your company’s Product Team to consider, or if you yourself as an employee thought of something interesting; you could then submit responses in this Product Survey Form in which the responses would be routed to the Product Team.

Product Feedback Form

You could also configure the Sales Kit form into a product feedback form to document and save responses relating to feedback about the product. If for instance you’ve heard general feedback about the experience of the product, or you yourself would like to leave a feedback about the company’s product, you could then submit responses in this Product Feedback Form.

Product Issues Form

In addition, the Sales Kit Form could also be used as an issue reporting platform to report issues regarding the product. It could be to report an unscheduled disturbance or to report a problem on one of the product’s platforms, the reported issues would then route to the support team for their action.

These are just a few examples of how you could use the Sales Kit form for your company, so go ahead and have a go with creating sales kit forms for your products on altHR!