Enhanced Payroll User Journey

New Feature
February 17, 2023
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We revamped the payroll user journey to ease the process of setting up and running payroll!

Setting up Payroll

We have broken down the setup process into four (4) steps, namely Company Payroll Details, Set Pay Items, Additional Settings, as well as Import Template.

  • Step 1 - Company Payroll Settings: To set up company bank details, statutory information & officer information
  • Step 2 - Set Pay Items: To set up payroll items such as Sales Commission, Meal Allowance, and its statutory entitlements like EPF, SOCSO, EIS, HRDF & PCB.
  • Step 3 - Additional Settings: To set up integration with the expenses or document manager module & payslip settings
  • Step 4 - Import Template: To import employee's compensation data & previous pay run data

To allow admins to prepare all necessary information required to set up payroll, admins can navigate back and forth to preview all the steps beforehand by clicking on the steps. 

Once admins fill up all the mandatory fields and information, admins are required to click on the ‘Complete & Next’ button to complete the current step. Note that if admins switch between the pages without clicking the ‘Complete & Next’ button, no progress will be saved.

After filling up all mandatory fields and clicking on the Complete & Next button to complete the step, the step number will be changed to a green tick to indicate successful completion.

Simply follow the steps, and Payroll can be set up as easily as ABC!

Run Payroll

Moving forward, employees list in payroll with "Included For Payroll" toggled ON will be displayed first for a better view to sum up all the numbers.

Payroll History Page

For better clarity, the ‘Payroll Summary’ term has been renamed to ‘Payroll History’ in the altHR side menu and header. 

Payroll Reports

The "Refresh" button has been removed, now you can get the latest status of all payroll & download report processes without any clicks!

Other changes:

  • The ‘Payroll Report’ term will be changed to ‘Preview Payroll Report’ for better clarity
  • Under ‘Payroll History’, the ‘Company Contribution’ section will now switch place with the ‘Pay Amount’ section as it is more coherent to show ‘Pay Amount’ as the last section after all the additions and deductions

As always, feel free to share your use cases, report any bugs in the app, and suggest improvements at hello@althr.my!