Expense module increments on the Admin Dashboard!

New Feature
March 12, 2021
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In this round of increments we focused on 2 issues; admins being unable to unprocess expense transactions, and admins being unable to reject expenses transactions and provide a mandatory remark.

Unprocess expense transactions

We’ve built in a function for HR admins to unprocess an expense transaction should they need to. Simply navigate to the individual expense transaction that has already been processed and click on the “Unprocess Expense” button. Once clicked on, the transaction will be moved back to the “To Process” tab of the list of expense transactions with the status “On Hold” for further actions to be taken by the HR admins.

Add remarks to reject expense transactions

As an HR admin, you’re also able to reject expense transactions of employees, and in this round of increments we’ve added the ability for admins to add a mandatory remark when rejecting an expense transaction request from the admin dashboard.